Live-Stream Wedding Videography in Sydney, Hunter Valley, Southern Highlands, and surrounding areas

What is live-streaming?

Live-streaming is the transmission of video and audio of your wedding over the internet for family and friends to watch live from anywhere in the world.

Our live-stream videographer will be dedicated to ensuring that your wedding ceremony and/or reception formalities are live-streamed without a hitch, remaining on-site for as long as we’re needed and then some.

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How does it work?

On the day, our videographer will arrive early to setup, ready to live-stream your ceremony shortly before anyone walks down the aisle. It’s up to you whether or not you’d like us to stick around for your reception as well.

Your family and friends will be able to watch the celebrations unfold as if they were sitting among your guests on the day. You’ll also have the opportunity to come and interact with everyone watching.

What will I get?

Prior to the wedding, you’ll receive a URL link to share with anyone you’d like, so that they can tune in and watch your wedding live.

A few days after the wedding, you’ll receive a URL link where you can watch the live-stream in Full HD. A little later on, you’ll receive all of the raw footage (video and audio) captured on the day, so you’ll be able to watch back through everything.

Get in touch today to find out if we’re available to live-stream your wedding. Limited dates available!

Live-stream FAQ

  • What will the live-stream look and sound like?

    We’ll be live-streaming Full HD 1080p video on the day. We’ll also be using professional wireless microphones and/or audio recorders to simultaneously live-stream high quality audio.

    The quality of the video and audio seen and heard by your live-stream viewers is dependent on the internet connection of the person live-streaming and the internet connection of the person watching.

  • What will the live-stream raw footage look and sound like?

    Whilst we’re live-streaming your wedding, we’ll also be capturing raw footage (video and audio). Your raw footage is going to be of a much higher quality than the live-stream itself because it has been captured directly by our cameras and audio recorders, as opposed to capturing the live-stream feed.

  • Can I order wedding films?

    You can certainly order a wedding film with Lovereel, however, this is a part of our standard wedding videography services.

    The raw footage captured during a live-stream is not suitable for use in any sort of professionally edited wedding film for the following reasons:

    • Live-streaming involves a totally different style of shooting. Our videographer needs to be stationary for the most part, monitoring the live-stream and making sure that everything runs smoothly. We can’t maneuver around, get creative or switch camera angles like we normally would because your live-stream viewers need a steady shot, as if they were sitting there in the front row watching it themselves.
    • Live-streaming happens over the internet, so the higher the video and audio quality, the more likely the live-stream is to struggle or fail. For this reason, we don’t go any higher than 1080p which is the standard for live-streaming.
  • Can I have 2 videographers?

    Yes! If you want your wedding live-streamed, but you also want to receive the highest quality raw footage and potentially order a wedding film, then it’s best to have 2 videographers on the day; 1 dedicated to live-streaming, and 1 dedicated to filming as per normal. It’s totally up to you whether you’d like to have one or the other or both!

  • Do you provide your own internet connection?

    Yes! We’ll be using our own internet connection to live-stream your wedding, so we don’t have to rely on your venue.

  • What happens if the live-stream fails?

    Should we be unable to live-stream your wedding for any reason beyond our control, i.e., poor internet connection in the area, we’ll simply switch to filming your wedding as per normal.

    The chances of a live-stream failing are fairly slim, it’s only likely to occur if you’re getting married in the middle of nowhere. We just want you to be aware of what will happen in the worst case scenario.

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We can live-stream your wedding from any of the following locations and surrounding areas: Sydney and the Northern Beaches, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, Newcastle, Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands, Wollongong, Kangaroo Valley, and Nowra.