Our Work

Lovereel offer an affordable, highly professional wedding videography service with a variety of video editing options… You can choose from up to three different film types including a Highlight Film, Short Film or Feature Film.

You will also receive all of the unedited raw video footage and audio (bloopers and outtakes included) with any wedding videography package. You’ll be able to watch back through your entire wedding day, including any wedding day fails such as a good old bouquet to the face.

Bonus: receive a free teaser film shortly after your wedding by booking this year!

About us

Our friendly, down to earth wedding videographers are experienced, professional filmmakers and storytellers who’ll go above and beyond to capture all your wedding day events, from the morning preparations right through ‘til the newlyweds exit at the end of the evening. Of course, it’s totally up to you how many hours you’d like to book us for.

Your wedding videographer will enjoy finding the best available angles to film your wedding from whilst remaining candid at all times. We like to keep out of the way, allowing your wedding day to unfold naturally, unhindered by our presence. Some couples forget we’re even there until a mysterious parcel appears in their letterbox a few weeks later.

Many couples overestimate the importance of who their actual wedding videographer will be. Whilst having a fantastic wedding videographer is absolutely important (which our few definitely are), it’s crucial for consistencies sake that you also have a professional video editor behind the scenes. Please take comfort in knowing we only have a very small 2-person team of video editors, specialising not only in editing wedding videos, but also in colour grading, audio correction and post production. In layman’s terms, we don’t just slap together any old edit… we meticulously piece together our couples wedding videos hoping to reduce even the manliest of men to a quivering mess.

Last but far from least, we offer something truly unique. You’ll have your very own wedding videography coordinator who will remain your sole point of contact from the time you first contact us right through ‘til you receive all your wedding films and beyond. That same person just so happens to be the owner and founder of Lovereel, so rest assured, you're in great hands!