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Our wedding videography services

Lovereel provide candid and professional wedding videography services targeted to your budget so you can relive the best day of your life for the rest of your life.

Planning a wedding takes time – with our videography service we want to make sure that you can indulge in all the memories you make on your special day for years to come. We take note of the little details, film your emotions and the guests’ reactions, and we capture the moments you may have missed: the bloopers, the fails and all the not-so-secret tears.

Choose between a teaser film, highlight film, short film or a feature film – each with its own unique style. And there’s more! You'll not only receive your wedding film within 3 months, you will also receive all the raw footage. Wedding films are optional, meaning, you can order the raw footage only if you’d like. Lovereel is available for last minute bookings, just click to contact us!

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Teaser film

These are filled with the beautiful and endearing moments that made your wedding day so special, edited down to a short impression of your love story. Teaser films are great to share on social platforms while keeping the intimate details to yourself as they contain no narrative.

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Highlight film

Short and sweet – highlight films are filled with the absolute best bits of your special day, edited to approximately 3 minutes in length. We let the visuals speak for themselves without any narrative from the day and instead edit the wedding highlights to a light-hearted track so you can fill in the blanks with your memories.

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Short film

The perfect option if you are looking for a medium length wedding film of about 5 minutes that follows the narrative of your wedding ceremony and the speeches after, including all candid reactions and affectionate glances. Our editing focus lies on conveying the emotions: the laughter, the nerves and all the secret whispers.

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Feature film

Our longer films follow the course of your wedding day and put emphasis on the ceremony, the exchange of your vows and the reception speeches after. The moments without narrative are edited to light-hearted music: perfect for those who want to share this memory with their close family time and time again.

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Raw footage

Here's what you’ll get: everything! The videos, the audio and all the bloopers, such as a good ol' bouquet to the face (this could make a great gif, just saying). This is all you need should you ever want to have your wedding edited into a film at a later point. Raw footage is included in all our services.

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Family and friends who can’t make it on the day can tune in and watch your wedding ceremony and/or reception live from the comfort of their own homes, as if they were sitting in the front row among your guests. You’ll also receive all of the raw footage captured during the live-stream, and a link to watch it yourself just a few days after the wedding. Limited dates available!

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Our wedding videographers and film editors

At Lovereel we pride ourselves on creating highly professional wedding films that capture the memories of your most special day. Our wedding videographers are skilled filmmakers and storytellers who'll go above and beyond to find the best angles while keeping everything natural and candid at all times.

Our team is caring, reliable and organised. Your first and last point of contact will be Lovereel’s very own founder – coordinating your wedding videographer while also keeping in mind the details that are crucial for the video editor: colour grading, audio correction and post-production. Our weddings are filmed in 4K and/or 1080p using the best equipment on the market. Our wedding videos are put together by real humans with real emotions who truly care about making your film everything you hoped it to be and more. Trust us, we get goosebumps, too!

Feeling a little camera shy? Rest assured – you’re in great hands. Our wedding videographers can create a comfortable and laidback atmosphere that will make you feel right at ease in being your natural self. We’re professional and we like to keep out of your way: no scripted lines, no rehearsed glances – just the happy couple surrounded by love and emotion.

Whether you’d like a full feature of your day, from morning preparations through to the newlyweds’ exit at night or prefer a focus on the ceremony and speeches – our services are flexible and can be fully tailored to your needs. You decide how many hours you’d like to book us for and which editing style suits your vision.

Get in touch today - our friendly and easy-going team is happy to talk you through all the different options.

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Reviews from our couples

  • I honestly believed that the price was too good to be true and I simply thought that we'd at least get some footage of some stuff on the day.

    How wrong I was! The professionalism, the thoroughness and the absolute fun we had on our wedding day with Phil was honestly so beyond my wildest dreams! He filmed every moment and was such a champion! Not only did he film so well, but he was cooperating with our photographer flawlessly. They were brainstorming artistic ideas together to truly give us some amazing footage.

    The responsiveness to every email that we got was so easy and a true blessing during such a stressful time of wedding planning!

    It was so easy and no fuss that I almost forgot I'd booked them!

    The way our video was edited was so beautiful and everything we wanted that I couldn't believe it. It's like Lovereel read my mind!! I didn't want something super corny and generic, like a lot of videos I see and Lovereel delivered. I didn't even tell them what I wanted. They looked at the wedding and totally got it! Just book them, you'll thank me later :) Grace S, Google

  • I could not recommend Lovereel highly enough - they were easy to deal with and so willing to work with us to get the best footage for the day. I loved how present they were yet not in any way intrusive - definitely recommend hiring them to capture your day! Lorna O, Google

  • From the start Lovereel provided a professional and kind experience. They replied to emails fast and the pricing was awesome value. On the day the gentleman who filmed our day was super professional and kind and at the end of the day the video turned out amazing! Thank you lovereel! Keele M, Google

  • Lovereel were the most professional vendor we dealt with in the entire wedding!

    Very responsive, you have a very organised duo working in the office and a host of great videographers. Ours, Phil was such a lovely and honest guy and he definitely has an eye for the angle and the detail!

    The camera is amazingly clear and the editing very natural + there is some fun unexpected surprises in our video :)

    We got a teaser and short film and feel this is perfect for us, the fact we get the raw footage too is unheard of and really cool.

    Best choice we made ( albeit last minute because of Covid and a massive cut to the guest list )was to get a videographer, not only because my hubby has a very bad memory, but the adrenaline and speed of the day is real, and it is just invaluable to be able to relax and watch back!

    Big thanks to the entire lovereel team! Bri & Adam W, Google

  • My wife and I had the privilege to work with Anton who did such an amazing job of capturing one of the best day in life so far. We were blown away with the footage we received back. Do not expect to be left with a dry eye these guys really capture every second every special moment, it has you re living the day and seeing all the special moments you were to cought up to see. Anton and the lovereel team Amy and I could not thank you enough for a job well done. Rebecca C, Google

  • I have just received the video of my wedding and I was blown away. Lovereel did at an amazing job of capturing the essence of the day, it was very personal, heartfelt and really reflected the fun spirit of the day.

    I love love love the final video and I remember on the day I couldn't even notice that they were filming they were so discrete.

    I would use them again (hopefully not at my next wedding) but another event. Nicola B, Google

  • We want to thank the company Lovereel for their excellent work. We took a long time to decide who to film our wedding, as in Sydney there is a lot of choice. We reviewed an incredible number of videos, because it is a memory for the rest of our life and we wanted it to come out perfectly.

    We chose Lovereel to film our wedding, and we are incredibly happy that we were so lucky and we made the right choice.

    Our videographer Phil was excellent - funny, positive and a top professional. Everything was done perfectly and of the highest quality, all important moments were captured. All our wishes in relation to videography have been taken into account and were well presented. It's just the way we dreamed.

    We are very happy to advise everyone of the Lovereel team, we highly recommend them.

    Our video is amazing and perfect. Every time I look back, it's like I'm coming back that day. I thank the operator from the bottom of my heart for his work. Thank you so much for the highest quality, beautiful and emotional video. Juli S, Facebook

  • Book a videographer! Are you thinking about booking one? Just do it, there is no way in a million years you will ever regret it. I genuinely feel that booking Lovereel was one of our best wedding investments. We had the lovely Phil from Lovereel to capture our day. He has such energy and vigour, and made us feel like actual celebrities. PLUS, he captured stunning footage. Then, what Lovereel did with the footage took our breath away and bought us to tears. The highlight reel we purchased transported us instantly back to the day, and all the magical feels. Lovereel offer a, kind of, build-your-own package, allowing you to buy as many hours of videography as you need, and to select the length of your video (you don't have to get one), and even provide you with all of the raw footage. Can't recommend enough. Emma B, Google

  • Lovereel did a wonderful highlight film and feature film for our wedding day. So glad we hired a videographer at the last minute. It's so worth it to have precious moments captured on film. The day goes so quick and you forget the special moments that are captured on a film! Lovely to watch back and smile. Thank you from Tess and Dave. :) Tess S, Google

  • Our Videographer Phil was very friendly, professional and light hearted. We'd happily use Lovereel again. The video quality was excellent and appreciated their flexibility when arrangements had to be changed. Wynand P, Facebook

  • We are so glad to have come across Lovereel! Chris is prompt in his communication and amazingly responsive to all our questions. We felt looked after by the team at Lovereel, and our videographer on the day Phil did an amazing job at capturing our special day! We are very happy with our highlight film, the team was phenomenal and the whole process was so seamless! We would highly recommend Lovereel anytime, thank you so much Lovereel team! Ru Jih W, Facebook

  • Definitely the right choice for my big day!

    Our conversation through E-mail were clear and there were no misunderstanding all the way (as I remember).

    Our wedding video photographer was very friendly, funny yet professional in every way. His personality definitely added an element of fun to the wedding. He found every opportunity for good shots and his instructions were easy and quick to understand. A lot of the video moments were done very smoothly and quickly so there were no interruptions with the day’s schedule at all. Looking at the video, everything was good quality and almost every minute had good clips that we wouldn’t edit out.

    Highly recommended! Thank you guys! Sunny S, Google

  • Lovereel were fabulous. Communication in the lead up was excellent, super friendly team. We had Ivan on the day, did a fantastic job and was super helpful, kept us calm and worked really well with our photographer to produce a stunning video. Couldn't have asked for more! Thanks guys. Sophie D, Facebook

  • From day 1, Chris was very helpful and patiently answered all questions. He always responded promptly and with the friendliness that will calm all brides. On the day, Chris delivered all the assurances he made! Phil was very professional, he was not intrusive and blended well with our guests. When we saw our teaser film and got the raw files, we knew we made the right decision to have our wedding filmed by LoveReel. Kara I, Google

  • Today we received our drive with, all the memories of our beautiful day. And we were delighted.

    We would like to say an enormous thank you to Phil our videographer. The material captured definitely holds the mood and emotion of our day and will be something to be cherished forever.

    Chris, I'm so glad we found you. The ability to edit and compose such a special day, as our wedding is just priceless.

    All footage and audio neatly filed and ordered with a reference sheet are more than I have received from most of my client jobs.

    We highly recommend these guys. Shawn H, Facebook

  • We booked Lovereel fairly last minute and couldn't be happier with their service and quality of videography. We are so pleased to have gone with them and so happy to have the videos as record of our wedding day, a very different result to just having a photographer, it really captured the feeling of the day. Carlene G, Facebook

  • Lovereel are amazing!! The video they made for us is exactly what we wanted. The videographer we had on the day was absolutely amazing and was very easy going and made it very easy for us to be ourselves while he just manouvered around us. The final video and all the raw footage we have now will last a lifetime and we couldnt be happier. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!! Worth every penny!! Olivia M, Google

  • We could not be happier with the service and product we received from Lovereel. The highlight film exceeded our expectations and was a captured the most beautiful and memorable moments from our wedding day.

    Chris has been delightful to deal with. He responds to questions ridiculously fast and provides pragmatic advice around filming options. He is also extremely patient :)

    Ivan on the day was incredible. He made everyone feel at ease and was never intrusive. Some of the footage he was able to capture without our knowledge is remarkable. He is amazing!!

    Thank you Lovereel for providing us with the memories that we will treasure forever x Rebecca D, Google

  • Lovereel were amazing. Created a beautiful memory of our wedding, capturing aspects that were important to us. Good value for money. High quality product, excellent service. On the day they worked so well with the photographer, and were able to capture and create great memories without being intrusive/overbearing. Would thoroughly recommend. Royston P, Google

  • We booked Lovereel about 8 weeks from our wedding in Sydney. We were trying to save money but many of our family and friends told us that we need a quality videographer and wouldn't regret it.

    What we loved about Lovereel:

    > Great people, friendly and made the day special

    > Cost effective

    > Zero hassle and we booked pretty late

    We'd 100% recommend! Brent C, Google

  • Lovereel was easy and amazing to work with. Our videographer Phil did an amazing job at being everywhere at the same time! He was fun and worked very well with my photographers which is so important especially when they're from different companies, you don't want them to clash and get in each other's way. Phil was amazing to say the least and we love the outcome of our videos. What really drew me to choose Lovereel was the great prices and packsges, but I am so pleased the quality of their work was fantastic. I got some pretty cool drone footage too. Thanks Lovereel for making our favourite day literally unforgettable! Warren and Gigi C, Google

  • Absolute pleasure dealing with Lovereel for our wedding. They were fun and lively on the day which made things feel more relaxing. The communication was second to none the whole way through. Thanks heaps for everything. Kieran M, Google

  • A breeze to deal with from start to finish! Chris was professional and prompt with his communication and our videographer Ivan blended in seamlessly on the day! Worked with our photographer to get some great footage, which has given us a video (and raw footage) that we love! Love their flexible options and very reasonable pricing - highly recommended from me! Tiana L, Facebook

  • Thank you to team at Lovereel for making our wedding day a super (videographically) memorable one! We are so glad to have chosen Lovereel to capture our wedding day videography. When we received the highlight video a few weeks after our wedding, we were completely blown away! We were very pleased by the quality of their editing and footage, capturing all the key moments in good range of perspectives. They also provided a good range of song choices for us to personalise our video. After comparing many videographers, we found their full-length edited video package to be quite reasonably priced and we were particularly sold on the option to choose how long we need videos captured and additional option to obtain all raw footage from the day too. We were very pleased to have Ivan as our videographer. He was very professional, easy going, punctual and very courteous towards our helpers and photographers on the day. Chris, the co-founder, has also been very helpful to our enquiries before and after the occasion to ensure everything was run smoothly and delivered on time. Their professionalism really helped in making our day memorable and stress-free. Thank you to the team for the lovely memories you guys have captured and pieced together for us. We highly recommend Lovereel to any couples who are looking for a reliable and professional videographer for their special day! Angelica & Eric L, Google

  • Lovereel have put together an absolutely perfect wedding video that we will cherish and love forever! Chris was so helpful and made everything easy to arrange and Phil on the day was exceptional. Lovereel did everything to capture our special day, thank you! Melissa F, Facebook

  • Highly recommend Lovereel for all couples out there still on the lookout for a wedding videographer!

    Here are 4 reasons why:
    1.) Very easy to communicate with. Chris was always quick to answer any questions we had!
    2.) Best value for money! They are very affordable relative to the other videography services in Sydney. This was validated when we saw the highlight film they made! We just loved it!!
    3.) Uncomplicated booking process. You get to choose just how long you hire them and what output you want from them
    4.) Phil, our videographer on the day, was awesome! He made everyone comfortable and really knew what types of footage we need to shoot. Pearl L, Google

  • Couldnt be happier with our Videography from Lovereel, the Videographer himself was amazing on the day and we are so pleased and impressed with the teaser and shortfilm, captured our special day perfectly! Thank you so much! Fiona M, Google

  • Hi Chris,

    My husband and I would like to thank you and your team so much for doing such a great job. There were a lot of things that didn't go as planned at our wedding but you still managed to give us a beautiful video that will forever remind us of our special day. Again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Julia E, Google

  • Lovereel were so amazing both in the lead up to our wedding, and on the day, friendly and not intrusive at all. Our video (teaser and short film) were so special. We would highly recommend! Melissa D, Facebook

  • Chris and the team at Lovereel were absolutely fantastic to work with on our wedding day. Not only did they work with our budget, but they worked quickly to get our films and footage back to us as soon as they could. Every exchange was pleasant and we had no issues whatsoever. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a videographer for their day (which should be everyone! Worth every cent). Amy P, Google

  • Thank you! We couldn’t be happier with the footage we have already received. Very easy to work with and they have given us something that is really precious. Would recommend to anyone. Greta P, Facebook

  • Lovereel was great to work with. We found them very responsive and easy to deal with. The crew were nice and they made things really fun and relaxed for us allowing us to enjoy the day even more! We are super happy with our wedding video! It captures our beautiful wedding and the amazing amount of fun we had! Thanks so much Chris & team! Marlous T, Facebook

  • So great to find someone willing to just give us footage without the need for editting without charging crazy prices Alex E, Google

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Our small team of talented wedding videographers would love to have the opportunity to film your wedding in any of these popular wedding destinations; Sydney, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, Newcastle, Central Coast, Southern Highlands, Blue Mountains, Lithgow, Hawkesbury and Macarthur regions, Kangaroo Valley, Wollongong, Nowra, Canberra, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and much more.