Lovereel: Wedding Videography Pricing

Flexible videography and photography built around your distinct needs (and no one else’s)

We probably don’t need to tell you: planning a wedding involves countless moving parts and so many major decisions. That’s why our team aims to make videography and photography the easiest, clearest part of the planning process. (Less stress and more champagne is the name of the game here.)

The best part? Our prices are based solely on coverage hours, what type of film (if any) you choose, and whether or not you add on photography or live-streaming. Plus, every booking includes all of the raw footage from your day, so you don’t miss out on a single moment of what we’ve captured on film.

Keep everything under one expert roof by adding our photography services on to your videography booking—and receive your photographs, beautifully edited and ready for print. And for couples who want to share the joy of their day with guests around the world, add on our live-streaming services and receive all of the raw footage along with a polished version of your live-stream.

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Building your videography and photography service is simple, seamless, and straightforward.


It’s all about how many hours you need us for…

Whether you’d like us there early to capture your preparations—or only wish for us to begin filming once the festivities begin—the first part of the equation of your customisable quote is based on how long you want our team on-site for your big day. You’ll have the opportunity to tailor your quote to suit your distinct vision and budget, and we always make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting before you book.


…what type of film style speaks to you

We offer an array of professionally edited film styles to choose from—from super-short teaser films to emotionally compelling feature-length films. Keep in mind: you can always book us solely for wedding videography hours to receive just the raw footage from your day (this allows you to ensure your celebration is captured on film, without having to invest in an edited film).


…whether you add on wedding photography

To make things as easy as possible, we offer the option of adding photography on to any videography booking. Receive a minimum of 50 high-resolution photographs per hour of coverage—professionally edited and colour-graded—and the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing your day is completely covered by a team that works expertly alongside one another.


…and whether you want live-streaming.

Add on our optional live-streaming service to ensure guests all across the globe can experience the magic of your day as it unfolds. Our live-streaming videographer will man a separate camera that’s solely dedicated to your live-stream for the entirety of your wedding ceremony—and can even remain through your reception if you want to keep the fun-times-feed going.

No films? All the films? No problem.

With Lovereel, you’re welcome to purchase as many different film styles as you choose—or none at all. (You read that right.) If you opt to solely book our team for day-of hours coverage without purchasing a professionally-edited film, we’ll deliver all of the raw footage from your wedding—which is perfect for editing into a film later down the road when you’re ready. (Told you we were flexible.)

Here’s what you’ll get...


1 videographer for the day (with two camera angles and wireless mics set up for your ceremony and reception speeches) and you can always add a second videographer if you’d like

Professionally shot in 4K

Every bit of the raw footage we’ve captured, combined into one long unedited video per camera for easy viewing

All of the original raw-footage individual video and audio files

If you purchased an edited film, your film is always colour-corrected, edited, and produced in-house by our two skilled editors. We never outsource editing


1 wedding photographer capturing your day naturally as it unfolds in our signature natural style

A balance of candid photography and expert couples portraiture

a minimum of 50 high-resolution photographs per hour of coverage

A sneak peek shortly after your wedding

Every photograph you receive is edited, beautifully lit, professionally colour-graded—and, yes—ready for sharing and swooning over


1 additional videographer solely dedicated to setting up and manning your live-stream camera

Live-stream coverage of your ceremony and/or reception, professionally streamed in full HD

A URL to share with anyone you want to invite to watch your live-stream

All of the original raw footage captured during your live stream

A polished version of your live-stream

  • I have to be honest - I wasn't pumped about the idea of hiring a videographer for my wedding. But my wife insisted and found Lovereel for us. Wow am I glad she did!!! It is now one of my most treasured keepsakes from our wedding. We are so thrilled with the service and would highly recommend Lovereel to any other couples - like me, you won't regret the decision I'm sure!

    Riannon + Mark, Read full review
  • Lovereel were incredibly professional from the day we initially enquired with them to the day we received our wedding videos, only three weeks after we got married. Lovereel is unique in this market in the offering they have - raw video, without all of the extras if you don't want them. We are so impressed and happy with the video and wouldn't hesitate to recommend to any of our friends.

    Vera + Kane, Read full review
  • Would not hesitate in recommending Lovereel for anyone looking for a professional, efficient and cost effective videographer. They captured all the special moments from our wedding day so perfectly. We have loved being able to relive the day over and over again 😍 The booking process, communication leading up to our wedding and the organisation on the day all run very smoothly.

    Laura + Kyle, Read full review
  • From the start Lovereel provided a professional and kind experience. They replied to emails fast and the pricing was awesome value. On the day the gentleman who filmed our day was super professional and kind and at the end of the day the video turned out amazing! Thank you lovereel!

    Keele + Lachlan, Read full review
  • So happy with Lovereel. Communication in the lead up was excellent, super friendly team. Our package was priced super reasonably and was perfect for our needs, all the raw footage was delivered along with our stunning video. We had Ivan on the day, did a fantastic job and was super helpful, kept us calm and worked really well with our photographer.

    Sophie + Michael, Read full review
  • We initially chose them because they offered really good value for money, within our strict budget, and we would receive 2 short videos and all the raw footage. We are in love with our finished teaser and highlight videos, as they really captured the atmosphere on the day and the quality of the film is amazing.

    Rhiannon + Ahmad, Read full review
  • After comparing many videographers, we found their full-length edited video package to be quite reasonably priced and we were particularly sold on the option to choose how long we need videos captured and additional option to obtain all raw footage from the day too. Thank you to the team for the lovely memories you guys have captured and pieced together for us.

    Angelica + Eric, Read full review
  • Lovereel were amazing. Created a beautiful memory of our wedding, capturing aspects that were important to us. Good value for money. High quality product, excellent service. On the day they worked so well with the photographer, and were able to capture and create great memories without being intrusive/overbearing. Would thoroughly recommend.

    Rebekah + Royston, Read full review
  • Best value for money! They are very affordable relative to the other videography services in Sydney. This was validated when we saw the highlight film they made! We just loved it!!

    Pearl + Jeck, Read full review
  • What really drew me to choose Lovereel was the great prices and packages, but I am so pleased the quality of their work was fantastic. I got some pretty cool drone footage too. Thanks Lovereel for making our favourite day literally unforgettable!

    Gigi + Warren, Read full review

We’ve got you covered.

A few things to consider as you determine how many coverage hours you'll need us for on the day...

How early do you want us there?

The big question here is whether you want us to capture those quintessential getting-ready and preparation moments or if you’d like us to begin shooting only once the guests arrive. If you want us to capture preparations, our start time should be 3 hours prior to your ceremony start time. If you’d prefer we only begin once the festivities kick off, our start time should be 1 hour prior to your ceremony start time.

How long should we stay?

Many couples have us wrap up after their reception formalities have ended. If that sounds like you, our finish time should be roughly 2-3 hours after your reception start time. Others opt to have us stay later to capture the party in full-swing—think: dance floor escapades (looking at you, groomsmen) and your formal exit. If those moments are something you want documented, we’re happy to stick around!

Psst... You can always add on.

You're always welcome to add on additional coverage hours closer to your wedding date if you decide you want to adjust your selections. If you haven’t yet developed your wedding-day timeline, you can simply book us for the least amount of hours possible to secure your date, and then add on additional hours later, once your plans are finalised.

Wondering which wedding film type suits you best?

Wonder no more...

Find Yours

Short wedding films

Up to 5 minutes in length. A medium-length film that tells the story of your day using audio narrative from your wedding, edited to light-hearted music. Short films are designed to offer a candid, compelling look at your wedding in an approachable 5-minute format.

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Highlight wedding films

Up to 3 minutes in length. All of the spotlight-worthy moments of your wedding day—think: the biggest laughs, the best emotions, and the most memorable moments—edited with music into one epic highlight reel you’ll want to watch over and over...and over again.

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Teaser wedding films

Approx. 45 seconds in length. Ideal for showing off your wedding on social media (and collecting all the heart-eye emojis and double-taps), this super-short film packs a seriously engaging punch. Edited to music, think of a teaser film as the trailer of your wedding day.

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Feature wedding films

Up to 2 hours in length. A cinematic-quality film that covers your day in chronological order, with your wedding ceremony and reception speeches included in full. From the big moments you were a part of to the spontaneous slices in time you didn’t catch, this one includes everything—allowing you to relive and remember your wedding day as naturally as it unfolded, for a lifetime to come.

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Raw footage

Every videography booking includes access to all of the raw footage from your day (both the original files and a combined version for easy viewing)—because weddings fly by, and we want you to be able to relive yours for a lifetime ahead. If you’re not ready to invest in one of our professional films just yet, booking us solely for videography hours allows you to secure professional coverage of your day and access to all of its raw footage (which can always be edited into a beautiful film later on).

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Endless options for your every need


Wedding photography

For couples who want to trust a single, seasoned team to document their wedding day—and avoid the hassle of managing multiple vendors with different styles—adding photography on to your Lovereel videography booking is a seamless solution. Enjoy complete access to your photographs—all of which are edited in our signature natural style and beautifully complement your video footage. Plus, our wedding photographers work intuitively alongside our videographers—for an effortless day-of experience that allows you to remain present, at-ease, and ready to party.

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Drone Footage

Drone footage of your setting can be added onto any wedding videography service. We just ask that you let us know in advance if you’d like us to capture drone shots so we can scope the setting beforehand and ensure we’re legally allowed to fly there. Keep in mind: we only offer drone coverage for location shots—we do not cover the festivities themselves with drones.


Professionally stream your wedding day in full HD, allowing all of your friends and family around the world in on the action as it unfolds. If you’d like to add on live-streaming, let us know—as this service books up fast and requires its own dedicated videographer to manage the live-stream (in other words, your wedding videographer cannot also act as your live-stream videographer).

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Relax and raise a glass to an effortless booking process.

Preserving all that’s precious from your wedding day has never been easier.

We’re always happy to accommodate last-minute inquiries as we can (hey, time sneaks up on all of us sometimes).

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