Lovereel: Wedding Videography FAQ


Lovereel aim to keep the entire wedding videography and photography process as simple as possible whilst providing an incredible service that won’t break your budget. Should you have any questions, we hope we’re able to answer them here for you.

Booking questions

  • How many videographers do we need?

    Whilst the majority of our weddings have been captured by only 1 videographer, there are certain circumstances where you may benefit from having 2 videographers. This may include; if you'd like your preparations captured but there's not going to be enough time for only 1 videographer to cover it, if it’s in a small venue and there’s not enough physical space for our videographer to utilise more than 1 camera by themselves, if you're expecting a lot of guests and you’re hoping to see all of their faces throughout your footage, if there’s going to be lots of cultural traditions, customs, or performances, that are very important to you and you'd like for them to be covered to the fullest extent, or if you're simply after lots of extra raw footage with a wider variety of camera angles. Having 2 videographers ultimately means we can be in two places at once, giving you much more flexibility with regards to our coverage of your wedding day. Contact us if you need help making a decision.

  • How many video cameras will be used?

    If you book 1 videographer, we'll utilise a 2-camera setup for your ceremony and reception speeches, and 1 camera for all other parts of the day.

    If you book 2 videographers, we'll utilise a 3-camera setup for your ceremony and reception speeches, and 2 cameras for all other parts of the day.

    Everything will be filmed in 4K and we'll be using wireless microphones to record professional audio during your ceremony and reception speeches, and on-board camera microphones for all other parts of the day.

  • Do you offer photography?

    Absolutely! Head on over to our photography page for more info.

  • Can you work alongside our chosen photographer?

    Yes, of course! We’ve worked with many photographers over the years and many of them have become our good friends with whom we work together often.

  • Do you take last minute bookings?

    Definitely! Contact us ASAP to find out if we’re available for your wedding.

  • Can you live-stream our wedding?

    Yes, we can! Head on over to our live-stream page for examples and more info. Limited dates available!

  • What types of weddings have you done?

    All sorts of indoor / outdoor weddings including: Aussie weddings, Hindu weddings, Indian weddings, Sri Lankan weddings, Jewish weddings, Christian weddings, Greek weddings, Macedonian weddings, elopements and more.

  • How do we book Lovereel?

    Contact us and we’ll send you a link to a booking portal.

  • What parts of our wedding day will you cover?

    During the time we’re with you we'll be capturing all your usual wedding festivities as well as any other surprises or specials requests you might have in store. This may include the bride and groom preparations, wedding ceremony, photoshoots, cultural traditions and customs, tea ceremonies, lawn games, performances, fireworks, reception formalities i.e. bridal party and newlyweds entrance, speeches, cake cutting, first dance, father daughter dance, bouquet and garter toss, newlyweds send-off, the list goes on...

    In short, we’ll have our eyes and ears open all day, ready to capture all of the moments you’ll cherish forever, including any spontaneous ‘priceless’ moments.

  • How many coverage hours do we need?

    You're probably wondering, how long do I really need a videographer and photographer for? Well, we put together a handy guide to help you work out how many coverage hours you'll need us for on your wedding day. Contact us and we’ll email this guide to you.

  • How much do your wedding packages cost?

    Contact us and we’ll email you our pricing guide.

  • What deposit is required to secure our wedding date?

    Only a $500 deposit is required to secure your booking with us.

  • Do you have any payment plans available?

    You can opt in for a monthly payment plan, making it a whole lot easier to budget. Or, you can pay the remainder 3 months prior to your wedding date. It's your choice.

  • Can we upgrade our package later on?

    All of our packages can be upgraded anytime, meaning you don’t have to commit to getting everything done all at once.

Team questions

  • Who will be our wedding videographer and/or photographer once we book Lovereel?

    While we can’t say exactly which of our shooters will be capturing your wedding until closer the date, we are a small, tight-knit team of passionate videographers and photographers who have worked together for years. We know how to shoot weddings with poise and professionalism—and we’re invested in the stories we capture and the couples we work with.

  • Who will be editing our wedding films and photos?

    Our editing team includes Lovereel co-founder, Kat, and her sister. We think it’s important that the people who edit your film have a personal connection with you in order to effectively stitch together a story that’s true to you.

  • Who can we chat to about our wedding?

    Lovereel co-founder, Chris, will be your point of contact leading up to your wedding day—and we wouldn’t have it any other way. As a founder, it’s incredibly important to Chris that he gets to know you—and personally answer your questions and provide the honest insight you’re seeking along the way.

  • Do you outsource your work?

    We never outsource editing work or bring along a shooter we’re not familiar with.

Wedding film and raw footage questions

  • What is raw footage?

    Raw footage is all of the unedited video and audio captured throughout your wedding day.

    You'll receive all of the original, unedited video and audio files copied directly from our cameras and audio recorders. It will be provided to you as many separate files of various lengths, all organised and filed sequentially, and can be used to get a film edited in the future.

    We'll also combine it all into one long unedited video per camera and convert it into a universally friendly format for easy viewing on any modern TV or computer.

    Audio may not be available if we were filming in slow motion, or if someone involved with the wedding specifically asked us not to record audio.

  • What about the video quality?

    We film in 4K unless we’re filming slo-mo where only 1080p is possible. Typically we only capture a little bit of slo-mo anyway.

  • What about the audio quality?

    We’ll be capturing audio at all times using our on-board camera microphones. For the more important moments such as the wedding ceremony and reception speeches, we’ll switch to recording professional audio using our wireless microphones and/or backup audio recorders.

    For the wedding ceremony, we’d typically attach a wireless mic to the main mic in use. Additionally, we also like to attach a wireless mic to the groom or celebrant.

    For the reception speeches we’d typically attach a wireless mic to the main mic in use or plug directly into the DJ’s audio system.

    We may also use backup audio recorders whenever we feel it’s needed.

  • What video editing options or film types do you offer?

    Visit our pricing page for a full breakdown on this.

  • Will you host our wedding films online?

    Yes, on YouTube. We’ll provide you with a link when your films are finished.

  • Do you provide all of the unedited raw video footage and audio?

    Yes. Every package comes with the raw video footage and audio, unedited, bloopers and all.

  • Can we order the raw footage only?

    Yes. Also, the raw footage can be used to get a wedding film edited later on if you choose to.

  • What are the major differences between a Short Film and a Highlight Film?

    Our Short Films are approx. 5mins whilst our Highlight Films are approx. 3mins. Short Films include audio narrative from the day as well as some ambience i.e. cheers, laughter, the clinking of glasses, etc. Highlight Films only include some ambience. Both include music too. The best way to understand these differences is to see for yourself. Here’s an example of a Short Film and a Highlight Film both captured at the very same wedding.

Travel and accommodation questions

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