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Discovering the charm of Mali Brae Farm in the Southern Highlands:
a dream wedding venue.

As wedding videographers and photographers who’ve had the privilege of capturing countless celebrations at Mali Brae Farm in the Southern Highlands, Lovereel has witnessed firsthand the indescribable magic that this venue brings to every ceremony and reception. Through our lenses, we've seen the myriad ways Mali Brae Farm sets the stage for unforgettable moments and timeless memories. Here's our perspective on what makes this venue a dream canvas for wedding storytelling.

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The spellbinding scenery.

Mali Brae Farm is a treasure trove of natural beauty. Its 90 acres of lush landscapes offer an ever-changing backdrop that complements every moment of the wedding day. From the serene waters by the Willow Tree to the panoramic views from the reception barn, each setting adds a layer of depth and emotion to our visuals. The golden hours here are particularly spectacular, casting a warm, ethereal glow that enhances every shot.

Architectural charm meets modern elegance.

The juxtaposition of rustic architecture against the modern amenities at Mali Brae Farm creates visually compelling scenes for both wedding videography and photography. The renovated hay barn, with its exposed beams and elegant chandeliers, offers a rustic yet sophisticated atmosphere that enriches every frame. This blend of old and new provides us with a variety of textures and elements to play with, making each wedding's story unique and captivating.

Tailored experiences in every frame.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Mali Brae Farm is its dedication to personalising each wedding. This commitment to customisation allows us as wedding videographers and photographers to capture truly unique moments that reflect the couple's personality and love story. Whether it’s an intimate first look beneath the Willow Tree or a lively dance in the barn, the authenticity of these experiences shines through in every shot.

A canvas for creativity.

For us, Mali Brae Farm is a canvas that inspires creativity. The diversity of scenic locations encourages us to explore and experiment, ensuring no two wedding albums or videos are alike. Whether we're capturing a tender moment in the secluded gardens or a grand panorama of the countryside, there's always a new angle or perspective to discover. This variety keeps our work fresh and exciting, allowing us to deliver truly bespoke memories to our couples.

The golden hour:
a photographer's dream.

The magic of Mali Brae Farm’s golden hour cannot be overstated. The way the sun sets over the landscape provides us with lighting that is simply unparalleled. This natural filter enhances the romantic atmosphere of every wedding, allowing us to capture the soft, loving glances and the vibrant celebration colors with unmatched beauty and clarity.

Beyond the venue:
the charm of Moss Vale.

Capturing weddings at Mali Brae Farm also offers the opportunity to explore the enchanting surroundings of Moss Vale. The town’s rustic charm and the natural beauty of the Southern Highlands add another layer of storytelling to our work. From pre-wedding shoots among the antique shops to post-ceremony celebrations at local wineries, the region complements the magic of Mali Brae Farm, providing couples with a rich tapestry of memories.

In our experience, Mali Brae Farm is not just a venue; it's a backdrop to the start of a lifelong journey. Through our cameras, Lovereel has captured the essence of love and celebration that permeates this special place. For any couple dreaming of a wedding that combines natural beauty with personalised elegance, Mali Brae Farm is a venue that truly delivers memories to last a lifetime.


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  • So happy with the video footage from our wedding! The communication throughout the whole process, from booking to after the day, was excellent. Our videographer Michael, was great, completely unobtrusive, we barely noticed he was there, but he captured some beautiful shots. Got all of our raw footage very quickly (something that most videographers don’t offer at all) which is very high quality, and very excited to see our edited video. Highly recommend.

    Harriet + Jake, Read full review
  • My wife and I are so happy with our experience with Lovereel. Chris did a fantastic job coordinating everything in the lead up to the day, and his communication was excellent. He really made the whole process run so smoothly and helped us with any questions we had. We were very pleased with both the highlight video and short film that was created. The editing and selection of footage was exactly what we wanted. As an extra appreciated service: having the raw footage provided to us on a portable HDD was great, as we could find any additional footage we might have wanted to keep as well. This was a real point of difference for us compared to other videographer companies! Overall a great experience and would recommend.

    Fiona + Luke, Read full review
  • We are obsessed with our highlights video from Lovereel! While the footage took a few months to come through, it was exactly what the predicted time frame was advised as we were married during the busiest part of the year. The raw footage captured multiple angles and was a great way for us to relive the amazing memories and remind us of some of the parts we forgot from the whirlwind of a day. Can't wait to watch the best day of our lives over and over for years to come.

    Courtney + Andrew, Read full review

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