Lovereel Wedding Videos: Feature Film

What is a feature film?

Take a trip down memory lane – feature films are edited to show your wedding day in full, balancing the ceremony and reception formalities with all the beautiful emotional highlights: love and laughter in every minute.

Lovereel’s editors lay focus on bringing your wedding ceremony and reception speeches back to life on film, adjusting colour and correcting audio. Relive your wedding day in its candid perfection.

Curious to see what our feature films look like?

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What do you see?

Feature films follow the chronological structure of your wedding and typically start with the preparations through to the ceremony, including the exchange of your vows and the signing of the official documents, your wedding reception and location, and end as the night continues in celebration. Along with highlighting the heartfelt emotions, a significant editing focus lies on conveying the natural narrative: our feature films emphasise the spoken elements of your special day, incorporating the wedding ceremony and reception speeches in full, ensuring those carefully crafted lines to live on in your memory forever.

What do you get?

See our feature films as a highly edited version of the raw footage captured: a candid, polished and a truly personal representation of your wedding day. Feature films are usually upwards of 45 minutes in length and contain all the meaningful moments and significant events from your special day through an edited lens. Our video editors correct all audio recordings and the entire film is adjusted in colour, so your love story is shown only through the filter of natural beauty. We will add music to the memories made without words and embed snippets of sound from your wedding day to bring the film to life.

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Prefer it short and sweet?

If you’re looking for a more compact film that focuses on showing the highlights only, head on over to our short film page – we’ve got you covered!

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